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23.04.2411:18 Culture
South Africa hosts exhibition in honour of 15th Chinese Language Day
23.04.2410:30 Technology
Africa hopes for a thriving future through science and innovation
23.04.2409:05 Society
Ethiopian official: By fostering innovation in agriculture, clean energy, and healthcare, we can create jobs
15.02.24 10:30

Borovsk: How the Yak-40 passenger aircraft became a museum

A city that favours bold projects. Teaches you to dream. This is Borovsk, where Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, the founding father of rocket science, conducted his experiments in the 19th century. He proved that interplanetary travel is possible. Bringing original ideas to life is the character of another local resident who turned a Yak-40 passenger plane into a museum.

For many centuries Borovsk has been making rag dolls reflecting the idea of Russian cosmism - the interconnection of man and the universe. The programme presenter Anatoly Kharitonov will try to make such a doll. And he will also go to visit the buzzing labourers and find out who saves the masterpieces of wooden architecture.

We would like to thank the city administration and the "View from above" YouTube channel for their help in organising the filming.

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Indian dances on the stage of the Russian capital
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Iranian woman living in Russia translates Russian classics into Farsi
13.04.2414:30 Culture
Trams from the past on the streets of the Russian capital. Parade of retro transport took place in Moscow
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My India. Holi Festival
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India's Holi Mela festival was held in Russia
22.04.2413:30 Society
Alfonso Noya Martynez, President of the Cuban Institute of Information and Social Communication: The Institute pays special attention to collaboration with BRICS countries
19.04.2411:18 Personalities
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov: BRICS moves forward, creating important precedent
17.04.2415:35 Personalities
President of Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sergey Katyrin: experts expect BRICS to account for 90 per cent of global GDP by 2050