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BRICS Venezuela
17.04.24 09:05

Venezuela’s Deputy Minister of Sports about joining BRICS: Getting into alliance will allow us to expand our potential both economically and politically

Heads of Delegations of the teams that will compete at the BRICS 2024 Games kick off in Kazan

The meeting of the heads of delegations of the teams participating in the BRICS 2024 Games has started in Kazan. Representatives of 35 countries are taking part in the event, mostly in an online format. Guests from Bahrain, UAE, Venezuela, Azerbaijan, Serbia and Congo arrived in person to familiarise themselves with the infrastructure of the future tournament.

Vladimir Leonov, Tatarstan's Sports Minister, said the BRICS Games had been upgraded and a meeting of the heads of delegations had been organised. Within three days, questions will be answered from representatives of the countries preparing for their arrival in June. A review of sports facilities, accommodation areas and services is planned. The BRICS Games in Kazan will for the first time include a major international tournament with the participation of more than 4,000 athletes. This is reported by Tatar-inform.

Many of the venues that will host the competition are currently undergoing reconstruction. However, the Minister ensured that all works will be completed by May.

After the first session, representatives of the teams visited the Universiade Village where the athletes will be accommodated. They were shown accommodation conditions and presented the infrastructure. Next, they will be given a tour of other venues where the events will be held.

Venezuela’s Deputy Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs Pablo Alfonso Yustiz Araujo, emphasised the importance of the BRICS Games in the context of strengthening relations between the countries and expressed his intention to join BRICS. He emphasised that sport promotes friendship between nations and can be the key to expanding Venezuela's potential.

"Our goal is to develop relations between Russia and Venezuela. We want to join BRICS, and sport is just the right tool to strengthen friendship between nations. Getting into the alliance will allow us to expand our potential both economically and politically. We look up to Russia in many ways," explained the guest from Latin America.

The BRICS Games will be held in Kazan from 12 to 23 June.

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Once a week we will cover news in the BRICS countries
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