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Ambassador of Ethiopia to Russia Uriat Cham Ugala/ “Joining BRICS is a growth opportunity for Ethiopia”
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Douw Vermaak/ «Relations between Russia and South Africa are getting stronger»
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Anthony Phiri, Harare Institute of Technology/"The world needs to work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions"
18.04.2411:18 Culture
Young actors from BRICS+ countries to undergo training at one of the best theatre universities in Russia
11.04.2417:12 Economics
UAE joins media co-operation with BRICS countries through TV BRICS network
05.04.2415:17 Economics
TV BRICS to promote Cuba's co-operation with BRICS+ countries in the film industry
South Africa Египет BRICS
19.02.24 10:30

South Africa and Egypt discuss establishment of specialised clinics for medical tourism in both countries

Egypt hosted a meeting between the chairman of the Egyptian General Health Authority and South African diplomats

Ahmed El-Sobky, Chairman of Egypt's General Health Authority held a meeting with Joseph Ntshikiwane Mashimbye, South Africa's Ambassador to Egypt, and Fulufhilo Themele, First Secretary of the Embassy. They discussed ways to develop co-operation and exchange experiences in the health sector between the two countries.

The participants of the meeting spoke about the achievements and successes of health management and how they have affected the health system in Egypt. Comparisons were made between the health systems in Egypt and South Africa, the implementation of comprehensive health insurance and the role of the private sector. This is reported by Daily News Egypt, a partner of TV BRICS.

El-Sobky said that they discussed the possibility of co-operating with South Africa in the fields of medical tourism, investment in healthcare, and sharing expertise in healthcare.

“We aim to make a joint investment with South Africa by establishing specialized clinics to provide medical tourism services in both countries,” El-Sobky said, adding that this is a great opportunity to attract health investments from South Africa to Egypt after joining the BRICS group.

Mashimbye praised the achievements that President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi has made in all fields, especially the comprehensive health reform programme. He thanked President Al-Sisi for his full support in improving health care in Africa.

Photo: Daily News Egypt
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19.04.2416:16 Society
Fossil remains of the largest snake are discovered in India
19.04.2415:35 Society
UAE and Zimbabwe sign green energy agreement
19.04.2414:17 Society
The highest-level tomb from Chu Kingdom with over 2,200 years of history is found in China
19.04.2413:30 Society
Iran significantly raises salaries of medical students
19.04.2412:56 Society
Egyptian Minister points to necessary measures to tackle climate change
19.04.2410:30 Society
General Elections begin in India
19.04.2411:18 Personalities
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov: BRICS moves forward, creating important precedent
17.04.2415:35 Personalities
President of Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sergey Katyrin: experts expect BRICS to account for 90 per cent of global GDP by 2050
12.04.2414:17 Society
Patricia Villegas Marin, President of teleSUR, one of the largest agencies in Latin America: BRICS is hope
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Once a week we will cover news in the BRICS countries
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