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Ambassador of Ethiopia to Russia Uriat Cham Ugala/ “Joining BRICS is a growth opportunity for Ethiopia”
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Douw Vermaak/ «Relations between Russia and South Africa are getting stronger»
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TV BRICS International Media Network is presented in Xiamen, China
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TV BRICS scales international initiatives of Russian Quality System in BRICS+ media space
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News of Republic of Tatarstan to become available to audiences of leading media outlets of BRICS+ countries
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15.04.24 17:12

Some BRICS countries' beaches make it to the top 100 best in the world

Among BRICS countries: Brazil, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Russia, Egypt, Brazil, India and China

The beach rankings were compiled and published by BeachAtlas, a London-based startup, used an algorithm to shortlist 100 beaches according to six criteria. The evaluation criteria included aspects such as value to the local community, natural uniqueness, diversity, inclusiveness, environmental friendliness and cultural and historical significance.

Boulders Beach (South Africa) was ranked 2nd in the ranking. It is not just a sandy beach, but a bustling metropolis for African penguins.


Copacabana (Rio de Janeiro) also entered the top ten and placed on the 4th place of the rating. The Brazilian beach is included in the ranking because of its combination of authentic lively atmosphere and natural beauty.


Dubai's JBR Beach ranked 8th in the top 10, combining urban energy with coastal serenity. This beach destination offers a host of activities including water sports, camel rides and a lively promenade, making it an ideal destination for those looking for a combination of beachfront tranquillity and urban appeal.


Umluj Beach (Saudi Arabia), located on the Red Sea coast in the northwestern region of Tabuk Province, is an archipelago of 104 islands and is a key aspect of the Red Sea Project, in line with Saudi Vision 2030. Ranked 41st on the list, Umluj Beach was recognised for its tranquil atmosphere, with pristine white sandy beaches. This is reported by Arab News.

India's Baga Beach was ranked 35th and Gokarna Beach was ranked 78th in the Golden Beach Award 2024. Baga is the perfect blend of modern ambience and cultural heritage.

some-brics-countries-beaches-make-it-to-the-top-100-best-in-the-world (1).jpg

Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt, ranked 69th, has been labelled a paradise for diving enthusiasts and sun seekers. It is renowned for its unparalleled waters, flourishing coral reefs and diverse underwater ecosystem, serving as a gateway to discover the mesmerising marine treasures of the Red Sea.


In the top 100 was also a representative of Russia. Khalaktyrsky Beach in Kamchatka, which the rating compilers called a "hidden gem", was placed 92nd.

_Khalaktyrsk- Beac-Kamchatka.jpg

Yalong Bay in Hainan, China, is often called "East Hawaii" because of its beautiful beaches and luxury resorts. It was 96th in the ranking.


Photo: iStock

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